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Dangers of Propane

If the line is uncapped....

·         Leaks that occur from uncapped lines are extremely dangerous due to the potential for a large volume of gas to be released over a short period of time.


If your pressure relief valve pops off...

·         Propane expands when it is heated, which is why your propane supplier cannot fill your tank passed a certain percentage.  When propane is heated, the pressure will increase and once a certain pressure is achieved, the relief valve opens to release a small amount of vapor.  The release of pressure keeps the tank from building up too much pressure inside the tank.  Once the excessive amount has been achieved, the relief valve closes automatically.

·         Another safety precaution about relief valves, which is very important, is to keep your tank painted with a white, gray or reflective color.  If the tank is not kept a reflective color or if there are any rust spots, the pressure could build up and result in the relief valve discharging.

·         If your relief valve pops off or if there are problems with your relief valve, please call your propane supplier so they can determine the cause.

If you run out of propane....

·         It can be hazardous to run out of propane, especially to your appliances and your propane system.

·         A leak could occur when the system is recharged with propane.

·         Your propane supplier will require a leak check for safety reasons.

·         Periodically check your propane tank and establish a percentage that will let you know to call your propane supplier.

Regulator Safety

·         The regulator is an important part of your propane system, if your regulator is old or is not working properly then it could cause other problems in your propane system.

·         We recommend that the regulator be replaced every 15 years.  It is your responsibility to call your propane supplier to have them come replace the regulator on your tank.

·         The regulator is under a cover to protect it from weather and any other debris.