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Motor Fuel

Liquefied Propane Gas has a long and varied history in transportation applications. It has been used in rural and farming settings since its inception as a motor vehicle fuel.
Over time, propane has been used in several niche applications such as for forklifts, tractors, and at construction sites. Use of propane can result in lower vehicle maintenance costs, lower emissions, and fuel costs savings when compared to conventional gasoline and diesel. Presently, there are many incentives to invest in propane fueled vehicles.  The Railroad Commission of Texas offers incentives to buyers who wish to replace older diesel schoolbuses or delivery vehicles with new propane vehicles that meet or exceed the Environmental Protection Agency's current emissions standards.  The amount of incentive grant varies depending on the calcutlated reduction in emissions.  For more information about the program, please visit the Railroad Commission of Texas website, go to or call (800) 64-CLEAR. 

If you need to fuel up your vehicle with motor fuel, please feel free to come by either of our locations and we can fill you up (just click on the “Refueling Locations” link to find us)!