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Factors for choosing the right size propane tank

The Economics of a Propane Tank Size

An important factor to think about when purchasing a propane tank is storage volume.  Customers can buy a larger than needed tank, which will allow them to buy larger quantities of propane during periods of lower gas prices to avoid price spikes that may occur.  For example, if a propane customer has a 250 gallon tank and they use 400 gallons a year they will be forced to order propane 2 times a year.  However, if they had a 500 gallon tank they would only have to order propane 1 time per year and they would save money.  Not only does it give you a price advantage, but it also gives you the ability to prepare for cold winters.  Therefore, selecting a larger tank is very beneficial because it will reduce home heating costs.


Residential Propane Tanks-Sizes and Factors


Propane is a widely used heat source for many homes in rural and suburban settings.  It is a safe and efficient alternative fuel to natural gas for essentially the same purposes.  Factors that determine the size of tank needed for a residence include:


·         Total square footage of the home

·         Propane appliances installed in the home

·         Geographical location-smaller homes in colder climates will require larger propane tanks

·         Total BTU load (BTU’s of all installed propane appliances)

·         Pool heater-propane heated pools are high BTU appliances


Please keep in mind that as your propane company we can more accurately size the tank for you according to your needs.

Commercial and Industrial Propane Tanks-Sizes and Factors


Propane is widely used as a commercial and industrial fuel for numerous high volume usage activities.  These types of large volume applications range from fleet fueling, agricultural heating and commercial kitchen cooking to resale cylinder filling and forklift fueling.  There are so many different industrial and commercial uses for propane that choosing a proper tank size to suit the application requirements can sometimes be complex.  Tanks for commercial propane uses are generally larger than residential propane tanks.  Factors that determine the size of tank needed for a commercial and industrial include:


·         Volume or Usages

·         Forklift

·         Fleet Refueling or Motor Fuel

·         Commercial Kitchen

·         Dispenser Propane

·         Temporary tank installation

·         Year round or Part time