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LP Gas Consumer Cylinders Sizes and Information

Propane cylinders, most often referred to as bottles, are more commonly used by consumers for a gas grill.  There are different sizes and shapes of propane cylinders, which are used by consumers for a variety applications ranging from cooking and grilling to weed burning.  LP gas forklifts are commonly seen  alongside buildings and warehouses in storage racks for use on lift trucks and propane floor buffers.  

The dimensions presented below are approximate measurements of common size propane cylinders found in service today.  The measurements are not exact so please contact us with anymore questions you may have.30# Cylinder



 20# Cylinder
Capacity 4.7 gal

Weight (empty) 18lbs

Weight (full) 38lbs

Overall Height 18 inches

Diameter 12.5 inches

30# Cylinder

Capacity 7.1 gal

Weight (empty) 24lbs

Weight (full) 54lbs

Overall Height 24 inches

Diameter 12.5 inches



40# Cylinder
Capacity 9.4 gal

Weight (empty) 29 lbs

Weight (full) 70 lbs

Overall Height 29 inches

Diameter 12.5 inches  

50# Cylinder

Capacity 11.4 gal

Weight (empty) 42

Weight (full) 92

Overall Height 40 inches

Diameter inches 15.1 inches

100# Cylinder

Capacity 23.6 gal

Weight (empty) 68 lbs

Weight (full) 170 lbs

Overall Height 48 inches

Diameter 14.5 inches


LP Gas Forklift Cylinders Sizes and Information 

 LP Gas Forklifts are commonly seen alongside buildings and warehouses in storage racks for use on lift trucks, high powered mowers and propane floor buffers.  These propane cylinders are either filled from a bulk propane delivery truck or can be brought to our bottle filling stations located in Webberville or Del Valle (please look at the “Refueling Locations” link to find a location near you).  A scale is not required to fill these types of propane cylinders which is why a bulk delivery truck can deliver to these cylinders at the consumer site.  Propane powered forklifts primarily use 33 lb forklift cylinders as their fuel source and are equipped for liquid service.  When a 33 lb forklift cylinder is properly mounted on a lift truck, it will generally provide around 8 hours of continuous operation.

The dimensions below consist of average forklift cylinder measurements. These dimensions are not precise cylinder measurements, but rather approximate measurements of both steel and aluminum forklift bottles, please contact us with anymore questions you may have. 
33# Steel 
 Capacity (gallons) 7.9 gal
Weight (empty) 35 lbs

Weight (full) 69 lbs

Overall Height 27 inches
Diameter 12.5 inches

33# Alum

Capacity (gallons) 7.9 gal

Weight (empty) 23 lbs

Weight (full) 56 lbs

Overall Height 28.5 inches

Diameter 12.5 inches